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Eons lyrics


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        You got a wishing well within
    That?s ready to begin
    See how we roll
    See how we roll
    I?m trying to compromise
    Because with me there are no lies
    See how we run
    It?s already begun
    Now that I?m back to a pushing pen
    That weighs two hundred tons
    I?d like to drop it on you
    And watch it all fall through
    Nobody knows just what
    You?re battling inside
    You can hide
    Nobody knows just why
    Most everyone will lie
    If they need to
    The ones who aggravate you most
    And happen to be ever close
    Seem to be the ones lurching
    For the same things that you are searching
    The ones that make you feel ill
    And you think that nature should have killed
    Those you curse when you?re alone
    Seem to be so close to home
    (Chorus x2)
    Not an even field to be on
    Feels like standing still for eons and eons
    Stare it dead in the eye, what now?
    All we can do is try to shut it down
    Shut it down
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